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Hi and welcome to my writing site. I am known to many as a classical guitarist and a producer of children’s performances for stage with my company “The Story Ship.”  Most of what I have written has been published as stage shows or short stories for audio CD. Here in this site you will find short excerpts from works in progress as well as finished short stories, poems, novels and essays for grown ups as well as children.

Every morning I awake around 4 o’clock with my brain spewing words. So each day I go to my studio and begin to type. The great science fiction author Ray Bradbury use to do the same. He called it, “the theater of the mind.” I only hope I can recapture some of his genius with not only science fiction but other genres as well!

Please feel free to share my work with others, comment and contact me. Just make sure to credit where you found the words within. Everything here in is copyrights so you may not resell it for a profit.  I would love to hear from you!


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