“Finding Bach In Soccer”

Yesterday, I practiced soccer with my son on the big lawns overlooking the river down by our house. Watching him in his struggles I was once again reminded that in every human attempt at greatness we are mirrored our strengths and weaknesses. I told him a story about once when I was fifteen I threw my music stand across my bedroom in complete frustration at my attempts to make a six finger stretch while playing the Bach Chaconne. Convinced that I could never do it, I threw the music in the trash. He laughed and began kicking the ball again.

I was also reminded that when we hide behind or handicaps or fear we only shame ourselves and those before us that have brought us to now. So today I think I will go to my studio and try once again to play the Bach Chaconne. Thank you my son for your perseverance and inspiration.

© 2013 Sean Driscoll

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