Five Seconds From Devine

Five Seconds From Divine

Twenty-two minutes from divine I am certain our actions seal our fate. I step out into the breaking dawn certain I am late. Sweat thick upon my brow I turn to face the breeze and for just a few moments (five seconds to be exact) I smile and stare up at the sky glad I am alive.

Twenty minutes from divine, I start my engine and roll away certain I am late. The song I hear from the stereo I know from when I was twelve. “In a clearing stands a boxer and fighter by his name.”

Ten minutes from divine, I am certain our actions seal our fate. I roll down my window and feel silky air tickle my skin. I glance at the clock with plenty of time there is no way I am late. But something inside tells me it is so I hurry a little faster.

Five minutes from divine, I am certain our actions seal our fate. I come to stop at a light. First yellow, red then green. Slow down. Stop. Go. I know I am late. A glance at the clock tells me there is plenty of time so go ahead seal your fate.

One minute from divine. I am high in the sky across the river’s divide on a bridge between heaven and earth. Clouds above, water below, I am certain our actions seal our fate.

Two seconds from divine in a moment frozen for two. This dance of time has sealed their fate. Random as it may seem. A distraction takes them on their path and a date with the divine.

Zero seconds from divine. Contact! Flash, flame steel, bones, blood, oil merge as one. I am just five cars away five seconds back in line. Five seconds back in time.

We stand in the street and stare in disbelief all of us caught in this dance of time. Our trust is in each other, the Divine and this thin yellow line.

I am five seconds late. My actions sealed my fate. I stand by my car and feel the early morning breeze across my brow. My sweat cooled I am happy to be alive.

May God bless us all in this dance of time. It is 4 am. I am taking five seconds to kiss the ones I love certain my actions seal my fate. Now I must go. I mustn’t be late.

(For the victims of the fiery car crash at the base of the Tallmadge Bridge just outside Savannah on the morning of June 19th, 2013. Thank God you are alive!)

© 2013 Sean Driscoll


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