Lolitah The Mosquitah Eatah

Lolita the Mosquita Eatah
Lolita was a frog she lived in the bayou
Way down south where the mosquitoes really bite you.

She was amazing a sight to really see
cause she had a tongue as long as tree.

It could go to the top and climb back down
and eat little bugs right off the ground.

With that tongue she could reach the tip of her nose
wrap around her back and scratch between her toes.

Fast she was with that tongue of lighting
she slurped up mosquitoes to keep them from biting.

Well she ate and ate and grew and grew
till her belly was as big as me and you.

One day Lolita wandered to the road
a place not safe not even for a toad.

A great big truck stopped along the way
a truck full trouble and of bales of hay.

Now, Lolita was hungry for an adventure
so she hopped aboard not knowing where it’d send her.

Father and farther the truck did go
long it traveled till all there was was snow.

It grew colder and colder and Lolita began to shiver
till finally it stopped its hay to deliver.

Out she jumped and hungry she was
and quickly she hopped looking for bugs.

Far off the road she wandered and spied
a pond of ice with mosquitoes trapped inside.

Frozen they were and hard to reach
her tongue darted fast and slurped at each.

Now to her dismay her tongue didn’t return
stuck on the ice it began to burn.

Hard she pulled still harder yet
so hard she tugged it made her upset.

Then she felt it her head snap
she was astounded to find her tongue in her lap.

She hopped and leaped and crawled about
yelling and moaning she tried to shout.

“Hep meeh hep meeh Iost my uongue”
But no one heard her not even the sun.

She thought to herself, “what must I do?
I’ll starve in this Ice and I’m already turning blue!

Quickly she made her way back to the truck
and traveled to that land of swamp and muck.

Where the mosquitoes are huge and fat
where frogs and toads know where the bugs is at!

Now I know you’re worried but there’s nothing to fear
for Lolita grew tongue enough so others would hear.

And with that tongue she could still slurp
enough mosquitoes to make her burp.

Well if there is a moral you wish to believe
I think this is one upon which we all can agree.

Keep your tongue out of where it ain’t suppose to be!!!!!!

© 2013 Sean Driscoll

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