“In This Moment” Sean Driscoll’s Latest Poem

In This Moment In this moment, I am one breath. I am two feet grounded to the floor hands by my sides and so much more… In this moment, I am a ten amazing truths and ten terrible lies. I am the infinite song of light sung till the last note in darkness dies. In this moment, I am one hundred grains of sand in the palm of my hand Blown by the winds of God uncertain where they will land. In this moment, I am of a million lives that have lived before me. And million that have yet Continue Reading →

Finding Still

Still is that fraction of a second between every “in and out” of the breaths I breathe. Still is the space between the boxcars of the freight train that thunders through my mind each car a thought in passing. Still is that imperceptible moment that the tidal river outside my house changes from East to West melting fresh and salt water into “One” making the blood of the Earth teaming with life. Still is gravity ceasing to work it’s magic on the molecules, atoms and sub-atomic particles that make up Matter and that which we think is real. Still is Continue Reading →

Lolitah The Mosquitah Eatah

Lolita the Mosquita EatahLolita was a frog she lived in the bayou Way down south where the mosquitoes really bite you. She was amazing a sight to really see cause she had a tongue as long as tree. It could go to the top and climb back down and eat little bugs right off the ground. With that tongue she could reach the tip of her nose wrap around her back and scratch between her toes. Fast she was with that tongue of lighting she slurped up mosquitoes to keep them from biting. Well she ate and ate and grew and grew till her belly was as big as me and you. Continue Reading →

Today I Will Listen / Today I Write

When I crossed the courtyard between my house and studio before dawn this morning, an owl beckoned me with his ancient voice like a siren of the past to sleep the sleep of those who never wake. Today, I shall not sleep. Today, I will listen and write what I hear. © 2013 Sean Driscoll

Magic Map

I believe that we are always on the right path in life. There are no wrong turns or dead ends. It is just sometimes we don’t see the need to be where we are. But there is always a purpose. We just need to read the signs better. The story that follows is true. 100% true. At this point in the telling, a good storyteller usually interjects, “Mostly.” But I will tell you here and now that everything that happened to me on that Wednesday, June 24th, 1998 is exactly true. Though there were no witnesses, I believe that in Continue Reading →

Welcome to the writings of Sean Driscoll

Hi and welcome to my writing site. I am known to many as a classical guitarist and a producer of children’s performances for stage with my company “The Story Ship.”  Most of what I have written has been published as stage shows or short stories for audio CD. Here in this site you will find short excerpts from works in progress as well as finished short stories, poems, novels and essays for grown ups as well as children. Every morning I awake around 4 o’clock with my brain spewing words. So each day I go to my studio and begin Continue Reading →