“Child of the Sun, Child of the Moon” New Poem To Be Published In Elephant Journal

I am so excited a new poem I wrote yesterday was accepted for publication by the online site Elephant Journal. It should be there in five days time and I will post a link here. Here is sneak preview reading for those who wish to do so. “Child Of The Sun, Child Of The Moon” When I was young I was a child of the sun And played in the safety of light. But now that I’m old I am child of the moon And have come to know the night. I revel in the terminus that moves inexorably Over the Continue Reading →

If You Could, Would You?

If you could fly and fall and never die, Build glorious buildings to the sky, Walk with gods in worlds only dreamed of In the minds of those who see far beyond what is, If you could live die and live again in a single moment, To rise up and challenge your greatest fears over and over Until triumphant you control all that is, Would you? We are beaten! The battle is over. And though we take our children by the hand and say, “This is Earth. This is Ocean. This is Sunset. Here is our world built by God Continue Reading →

Five Seconds From Devine

Five Seconds From Divine Twenty-two minutes from divine I am certain our actions seal our fate. I step out into the breaking dawn certain I am late. Sweat thick upon my brow I turn to face the breeze and for just a few moments (five seconds to be exact) I smile and stare up at the sky glad I am alive. Twenty minutes from divine, I start my engine and roll away certain I am late. The song I hear from the stereo I know from when I was twelve. “In a clearing stands a boxer and fighter by his Continue Reading →

“Finding Bach In Soccer”

Yesterday, I practiced soccer with my son on the big lawns overlooking the river down by our house. Watching him in his struggles I was once again reminded that in every human attempt at greatness we are mirrored our strengths and weaknesses. I told him a story about once when I was fifteen I threw my music stand across my bedroom in complete frustration at my attempts to make a six finger stretch while playing the Bach Chaconne. Convinced that I could never do it, I threw the music in the trash. He laughed and began kicking the ball again. Continue Reading →