“Child of the Sun, Child of the Moon” New Poem To Be Published In Elephant Journal

I am so excited a new poem I wrote yesterday was accepted for publication by the online site Elephant Journal. It should be there in five days time and I will post a link here. Here is sneak preview reading for those who wish to do so. “Child Of The Sun, Child Of The Moon” When I was young I was a child of the sun And played in the safety of light. But now that I’m old I am child of the moon And have come to know the night. I revel in the terminus that moves inexorably Over the Continue Reading →

Finding Still

Still is that fraction of a second between every “in and out” of the breaths I breathe. Still is the space between the boxcars of the freight train that thunders through my mind each car a thought in passing. Still is that imperceptible moment that the tidal river outside my house changes from East to West melting fresh and salt water into “One” making the blood of the Earth teaming with life. Still is gravity ceasing to work it’s magic on the molecules, atoms and sub-atomic particles that make up Matter and that which we think is real. Still is Continue Reading →

Sleep Little Yoga Master

Awake in the night, I watch my son sleep. Like a yoga master, he nimbly twists his body into extraordinary poses.  First, butt high in the air, he stretches his arms out in front like a middle eastern sage in prayer then reclining he twists his torso opposite bending his legs to his chest. He sighs, giggles lightly then returns to slow steady even breaths. I watch him full of wonder and know that he is much closer to the mind of God than I lost in the false complexities of the adult mind. © 2013 Sean Driscoll

Today I Will Listen / Today I Write

When I crossed the courtyard between my house and studio before dawn this morning, an owl beckoned me with his ancient voice like a siren of the past to sleep the sleep of those who never wake. Today, I shall not sleep. Today, I will listen and write what I hear. © 2013 Sean Driscoll

Magic Map

I believe that we are always on the right path in life. There are no wrong turns or dead ends. It is just sometimes we don’t see the need to be where we are. But there is always a purpose. We just need to read the signs better. The story that follows is true. 100% true. At this point in the telling, a good storyteller usually interjects, “Mostly.” But I will tell you here and now that everything that happened to me on that Wednesday, June 24th, 1998 is exactly true. Though there were no witnesses, I believe that in Continue Reading →

Five Seconds From Devine

Five Seconds From Divine Twenty-two minutes from divine I am certain our actions seal our fate. I step out into the breaking dawn certain I am late. Sweat thick upon my brow I turn to face the breeze and for just a few moments (five seconds to be exact) I smile and stare up at the sky glad I am alive. Twenty minutes from divine, I start my engine and roll away certain I am late. The song I hear from the stereo I know from when I was twelve. “In a clearing stands a boxer and fighter by his Continue Reading →